alexander karelin

Motivation Monday #18: Alexander Karelin

Alexander “The Experiment” Karelin is, along with with Dan Gable, the BEST Wrestler that ever lived. That’s no understatement either!   This guy had an INSANE Record of 887 WINS and 2 LOSES (1)   What the fuck?   Having to go up against this guy in Greco-Roman Wrestling is literally the equivalent of that…

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Jefferson Deadlifts Make You A Killer

We all know deadlifts are perhaps the most badass exercise in existence. It tests your grip, entire back musculature, legs, arms, neck, everything! Unlike the squat, you don’t need a rack, all you need is a barbell, a rock, sandbag, whatever, along with balls, grit, and pure rage to lift the heaviest weight you can…

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Functional Training

What FUNCTIONAL Training Really Is!

The word “Functional Training” Has become such a buzz word and trend today in the fitness industry that REAL functional Training has lost all meaning. Ask anyone what they believe functional training is and they’ll say shit like: “Crossfit bro” “Powerlifting bro” “Balancing on a Bosu Ball and squatting weight bro”. And as a note,…

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Bullshit Diets: Ketogenic diet

Bullshit Diets #5: Ketogenic Diet

Long term low carbohydrates and all variations of keto diets have been deemed the holy-grail for fat loss and performance by most at the time of this writing. However it’s not the shiny holy grail granting you immortality and eternal youth one believes it to be. Instead, it’s the equivalent of that mug in Indiana Jones…

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Low Fat Diets

Bullshit Diets #4: Low Fat Diets

Low Fat Diets were arguably the first “cut-this-macronutrient-out-and-be-awesome” way of eating to combat the rise in obesity. The funny thing is, ironically, it was with the creation of low fat food and diets that caused the world to be at an all time high of obesity and diabetes! We’ve all heard phrases like “fat makes…

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Bullshit diets Eating Big meals at night

Bullshit Diets #3: Eating Big Meals At Night Turns You Into A Fat Walrus

We’ve heard it all before: Eat like a king for breakfast, like a hungry girlfriend for lunch, and dinner like you were a hobo. Fact is however it’s the opposite: you should have your biggest meal at night, after the days work, and smaller meals during the day. That’s right, I’m going to arm you…

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Bullshit Diets 2: Eating Carbohydrates At Night

Bullshit Diets #2: “Carb Cut-Off” AKA Not Eating Carbohydrates At Night

One of the best times to eat carbohydrates, and the majority of your carbohydrates too, is in the evening. “Eating carbohydrates at night? Well Holy Saint Bobb Sapp! What kind of rubbish advice is that? Carbohydrates after 5PM is going to make you fat! That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! Everyone on the…

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Alkaline Diet Myth

Bullshit Diets #1: Alkaline Diet Myth

Ah yes, the alkaline and acidic theory… No doubt all the health-conscious among us have heard about this diet one time or another right? Probably most likely perpetuated by vegetarians, but also endorsed by the likes of people such as Doctor Oz (seen HERE) Jennifer Aniston, Gwenyth Paltrow (seen here). For those that haven’t heard…

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Oscar Figueroa

Motivation Monday #17: Oscar Figueroa

Oscar Figueroa is a man who, against some shitty odds, Represented Colombia in the 62KG division of Olympic Weight lifting and came back with the gold. Life was never easy for him, he never had all the luxury, best sporting facilities, nor diet, but he had what all champions had: A dream, and intense loathing…

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Planned Deloads #4: Sniper Approach

This final installment in the planned deload series talks about how to “peak” for a competition, especially if you’re training frequent and hard, and how to still train without taking time off while getting ready for contest. By now, we’ve learned the Goddamned mini-gun, shotgun, and dual desert eagle approaches to deloads and we learned…

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