Nine Mistakes You’re Doing To Get Bigger Arms

No matter how much you deny it, you’ve always wanted bigger arms, admired them, and have pondered how to get bigger arms.

Let’s face it, bigger arms command attention, and despite what people use as an excuse for why it’s “pointless to get bigger arms” saying they lack functionality, it’s just for show or some other bullcrap, they’re damn useful at crushing weights, winning bar bets with arm-wrestling, useful with sports like wrestling, and wetting panties/summoning count scholongia.

How To Get Bigger Arms Ceps Weston Domingo

And I can attest to all the above.

Because really, who’s attracted or takes people seriously with ladies that possess tuck shop arms, or guys with skinny tooth picks? Certainly not me, and not you.

If you want to be one of those people that possess a pair of firearms, and not have to tell people you lift, because they can clearly see you do, then read on what you’re doing wrong.

The Problem With How To Get Bigger Arms

First of all, let me break it to you;


And chances are no one’s actually taught you (or even knows) some key principles how really get those suckers to grow.

You’ve read countless bodybuilding magazines, looking up bodybuilder routines, praying to Odin, Buddha, and every god possible in hopes to be armed and dangerous, and yet, no rewards. So what gives?

Nine Things You’re Doing Wrong In Your Quest For Bigger Arms:

  • You're focusing on the bicep too much: 2/3 of your arms are made out of your TRICEPS. The bicep, while it fucking rocks working it and getting a massive pump, if you don't work your triceps and forget them like your friend forgetting about that questionable girl he hooked up with in Thailand, well, let's just say, you're not going to have massive arms.
  • You're doing high reps exclusively with arms: Don't get me wrong, high reps are great! But, exclusively working with high reps is only limiting your arm gains. Low reps are going to make your arms work more overtime with heavier weight. If you lift more weight, you'll continually grow. Which brings me to my next point...
  • You're NOT focusing on how to get stronger arms: There's a good chance all you're doing is just chasing the pump. Why is it you want to have a stronger deadlift, lift more when you squat but not focus on putting some wheels on your barbell bicep curls? Stronger arms are the answer to how to get bigger arms.
  • You're NOT keeping the tension on the arms: Chances are you're not even working the arms as much as you think you are (more on this later). You're more than likely working other parts of your body more so then the actual muscle itself. Cheat curls are a great exercise, don't get me wrong here, but most people don't even realize they're doing this exclusively even if they "think" they got good form. Despite what everyone else says, tricep kickbacks are great too, but problem is, people swing and it becomes more of a retarded horse-kick row exercise and minimal triceps work is done.
  • You're beating the crap out of them: If you work them daily for 100 sets of whatever, to failure, then they're not going to grow how you'd like them to. Recovery is a huge aspect and you've got to balance the hard work you do with time for it to grow. Otherwise, all you're going to end up with is sore and achy elbows, wrists, and shoulders. That's not to say you should work them once a week like everyone else is doing. Because if that's all you do, you're going to get results like everyone else, and everyone else sucks.
  • You're doing wussy exercises exclusively: If all you do is gayer than the aids concentration curls, and tricep kickbacks (I know I said it was good, but if you do it as your only triceps exercise, you suck), then you're not going to get the bigger arms that catch attention. You need to hit some heavy stuff that will REALLY make them work. I'll talk more on this later but think things likes close grip weighted chin ups, and close-grip bench presses.
  • You're not working your forearms and grip strength: While grip strength and forearms is a whole new post altogether, which I'll write in the future, working your forearms and grip strength is going to help your arms really grow. In a nutshell, grip strength is going to enable you to lift more weight and recruit more of your biceps into play, and your forearms are going to make the whole appearance of your arms look more dangerous. Not only that but working the hands and forearms are key elements in all the other lifts you do at the gym. You're only as strong as your hands in the deadlift and weighted chin ups for instance, and more weight = more growth.
  • You're not eating enough and if you are, then you aren't eating enough protein: If gaining muscle is your aim, let alone getting bigger arms then you're going to need to eat! If you eat like a starving camp survivor victim you're not going to put on muscle on your body, let alone your arms. If you're not eating enough protein either, and all you have is junk food and carbohydrates, then expect minimal results at best.
  • Your other workouts just plain suck:  Are you doing things like heavy deadlifts? Heavy rows? What about overhead presses? Are you focusing on getting stronger in the other compound lifts? If so, you probably already have decent arms, a little better than the average anyway, and can go a long way with just doing the basic lifts. But if all you're doing is "Pumping the chest, bro" with wide grip bench presses and stuck with the same weight for years, and worse, you don't even do the basic barbell lifts, all you stick with is machines...It's time to come to terms, you might have failed at life till this point. It's time to get serious

How To Get Bigger Arms

It’s time to start possessing a pair of dangerous weapons. We now know the mistakes we’re doing, so now let’s talk about it and rectify these problems one by one.

The 8 Principles On How To Get Bigger Arms

#1: Focus On The Triceps More

As mentioned, the majority of your arms is the triceps. You should be focusing on heavy compound movements first and foremost to REALLY get that diamond. Remember this;

2/3 of your arms are your triceps. Triceps are your diamonds, and diamonds are a girl’s best friend. 

If the triceps are the majority of your arms it pays to work them hard in your quest for bigger arms.

If you want big triceps the main 3 compound movements you should be doing are these:

  • Close-Grip Bench Presses (dumbbell and barbell)
  • Weighted Dips
  • Harder variations of pushups (WITH ELBOWS TUCKED IN!)
How to get bigger arms close grip bench

Making your triceps handle 100+KG vs 5kg on isolation exercises, who wins? If you picked the former, go lynch yourself.

As for isolation exercises here’s 3, I believe, when done right, everyone should start with (and even will last you a lifetime)

  • Skull Crushers (with all bars, and dumbbells)
  • Tricep Kickbacks
  • Dumbbell triceps extensions (both one and two arms)

Doing overhead presses also help, and one you hardly ever seeing anyone do at the gym is one arm over head presses. One arm over head presses work the triceps HARD, as well as shoulders, abs and a host of other muscles, so try that out the next time you’re in the gym.

#2: Keep Tension On The Arms

Here’s one of the KEYS to really hammer those arms: THE ELBOW. If you keep a good focus on NOT moving that elbow while doing bicep curls, and tricep kick backs, making only the forearm move, it helps IMMENSELY to work the biceps and triceps more.

If your elbows start moving a lot, despite you standing straight and “having strict form” with bicep curls, you’re actually doing cheat curls without realizing it.

Speaking of cheat curls. To make cheat curls more effective you can apply this technique here wonderfully. If you keep your elbows jammed, and swing the body up, and then lower the weight under control to your hips, you’ll find you can work your bicep even more than if you just swung your arms with no regard for elbow position and having more of a back workout rather than a bicep workout.

More work done with the muscles means more chance they’ll grow!

#3 & 5: Do Low Reps As Well As High Reps And Focus On Getting Arms Stronger

arnold how to get bigger arms

Arnold used both low reps and high reps in his training and so should you.

It’s time to get those arms strong. Doing sets from anywhere with 1-5 reps is going to enable you to lift more weight, and strengthen the tendons as well as the muscle.

The stronger you are the more weight you can handle, and when you go back to doing high repetitions, you’ll be able to use more weight doing them, which means you arms will do more work, and that means they can’t help but to be big badasses in their own right that will pillage a tiny village in your sleep.

Think of it like this; If you are curling the bar in the start of the year for 15 reps, then at the end you manage to be able to curl the bar for the same number of repetitions with 40kg, wouldn’t your arms be noticeably bigger?

Or what about if you could only bicep curl 30kg total weight for 2 good reps, but then at the end of the year you could do 60kg? A wheel each side? You can’t tell me then there wouldn’t be some change!

Keep this in mind;

Low reps are great for building the strength you need, and high reps are great for keeping the tension on and making the arms do a lot of work. Don’t neglect either of these. 

#4: Use Compound Movements Not Just Isolation Exercises

How to get bigger arms concentration curls

Seriously. Stop this. Go and curl something heavy and leave the child’s weights alone.

As mentioned in the first principle, you’re going to want to do exercises that will make you handle a lot of weight. Since I already mentioned what I think are the best exercises to getting those diamonds I’ll discuss the biceps. When it comes to compound movements with one of the most favorite parts to train for everyone, in my experience training people and myself are the following (and to keep it simple for the sake of this post I’ll list 3):

Bicep Exercises:

  • Close-Grip Weighted Chin ups and training for an unassisted one arm chin up: Don’t make the mistake of going wide grip style. The simple hand positioning of keeping your hands closer makes all the difference. Almost nothing can compare to training for a one arm chin up, unassisted when it comes to overload on your bicep. Think about nearly double your body weight on your forearm, grip and bicep being handled. No barbell or dumbbell can achieve that! Plus if you ever do eventually do a one arm chin up unassisted, they look damn cool.
  • Hammer curls: This really hammers the part of your forearm that makes the bicep appear larger, and it can carry over to a lot of other lifts, and wrestling.
  • Strict and cheat curls with all types of bars: Cheat curls rock for making you stronger and if you control the weight while lowering, will put more strain on the biceps. Strict curls (with the form mentioned with your elbow) will help put all the stress on the biceps.

Good tips: You can use a wall if you want to be stricter with the curls and these will be an eye-opener if you haven’t already mastered the non-elbow movement since this will FORCE the elbows not to sway back to generate momentum. Just lean your back on the wall next time you bicep curl with your elbows pressed against the wall.

One great exercise you should incorporate if you’re serious about bigger arms is rows. Barbell and dumbbell. One arm and two arms. You get strong at these exercises and all the row variations for both low and high reps you’ll have no problem growing your biceps.

#6: Pay Attention To Recovery

If you want to train your arms every day you’re going to have to be smart about it. If you only have time to train them once a week, again you have to be smart about it. If you feel any aches in the joints, any pain, and you’re getting weaker instead of stronger, doing less reps instead of more. You have to be smart about it.

If you’re doing other body parts, lifting heavy, you HAVE TO BE GODDAMN SMART ABOUT IT. So here’s a few tips for those of you that are confused where to even begin:

  • If you’re doing things like heavy rows, and close grip bench presses, which you should, if you do them very frequently and if you do a lot of sets and reps on those, your direct arm work should be limited.
  • If you’re planning to train your arms every day or very frequent decrease the amount of sets you do: I’ve found hardly any issues with working up to one or two sets daily for a month and a bit.
  • Listen to your body: If there’s any sign of pain, lower the sets, or frequency for awhile till it goes away. You can also just work with weights that don’t push you to the limit, and makes you feel pain or sweat or strain, and do that for a week or however long it requires.
  • DON’T Train to failure on a regular basis: Training to failure has it’s place but it’s certainly something that shouldn’t be done often, especially when you want to train more and more. This shouldn’t be done with low reps especially! Reserve this for high reps. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t me saying you shouldn’t PUSH yourself! Don’t be a wussy! You should keep performing the exercise until you’re unsure you’ll get the next rep out as a good rule then quit there. If you train then miss the rep it happens, but don’t actively seek this out till your eyes pop out of your socket and you scream bloody Mary.
  • If you train your arms once a week directly then you can get away with doing more sets: The less frequently you train the more sets and reps you can get away with. The more often you train, the more you’ll have to pay attention to how much you do.

#7: Eat Like You Mean It And Eat Your Protein

To grow you’re going to need to eat. If you’re serious stop eating like a vogue model. You need the calories, and you need the protein the most. You can do everything else on this list, but if you don’t get this one right you’re going to fail right from the get-go.

And this goes with not just building up your arms, but it goes with any other body part you want to grow.

If your first concern is fat loss, then instead of looking to grow a pair of monstrous arms, you’re looking at the wrong place. You need the calories to grow, and if you want to lose fat you’re going to have to do some form of calorie restriction.

Protein is going to be the most important macronutrient, but don’t neglect your carbohydrates and fats, they’re all essential.

If you’re one of those people struggling to put on any appreciable weight and mass, here’s my simple solution that’s guaranteed to make your arms and the rest of you GROW:

  • MILK
  • BEER

Have those five things, religiously, and you’ll grow. How much you ask? As much as you can tolerate! A gallon of milk on top of your meals. Pasta by the KG. Steak, steak and more steak! Pizza with healthy toppings and a lot of meat, and beer to wash all that down.

Bulking up

This will put the weight on even for the person who has the hardest time putting on muscle

NOTE: I’m aware this isn’t exactly the healthiest thing to do, but if you’re serious about putting on size on your body and having trouble, these foods are the best no-fail way to put on the size. Period. Old Time Strongmen like

Old Time Strongmen like Arthur Saxon believed milk was the PERFECT food, and he constantly preached beer to be the BEST alcoholic beverage, and believed in it’s awesomeness so much that he had a post workout shake containing dark lager beer, and even drank beer between his sets!

you can read more about Arthur Saxon in a previous article by clicking HERE).

#8: Train Your Forearms And Your Grip

The forearms and grip are very neglected parts that are trained and it’s one of the biggest reasons holding you back from getting huge arms! A stronger grip means more weight held. Forearms make the whole arm look more impressive (have you seen a guy with huge upper arms but skinny forearms? It looks stupid)

Forearms make the whole arm look more impressive (have you seen a guy with huge upper arms but skinny forearms? It looks stupid)

How To Get Bigger Arms Moustafa

I’m aware this guy has injected Synthol in his arms but this is what I mean…No forearms. It just makes his pregnant yak arms appear more stupid.

They also help with a lot of lifts such as the bicep curl.

Don’t believe me?

If you want to lift an appreciable weight with the bicep curl but your forearms are weak there’s a good chance that you’re not going to lift the weight strictly and will rely on the swing to get it up.

Same thing with keeping the barbell stable when you bench press. If your grip is weak and your forearms, you’ll feel a good strain on your wrists, and the barbell won’t be as controlled as you’d like it to be, and that’s going to limit you from increasing the weight too.

Stronger forearms and grip will ensure you’ll be a strong warrior, and lift more weight. More weight = more work done = growth.

Conclusion On How To Get Bigger Arms

If there was something to take home out of this whole article it would be these three that are the most important in your quest for bigger arms;

  • Lift heavy weights and progressively get stronger in compound movements that hit the arms well 
  • Make the arms work and recover from your workouts
  • Eat like you mean it

Keep consistent, and you too will possess arms so godly, you command respect in every room you enter.

In upcoming articles, we will detail and talk more on the following:

  • Some little less known tips you can implement in your next workouts to get big arms
  • 8-12 week programs for bigger arms
  • More detail on how to get bigger arms

How to get bigger arms Ceps

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