Cerebral Palsy Bodybuilder Steve Alexy

Motivation Monday #3: Cerebral Palsy Bodybuilder Steve Alexy

Steve Alexy is a bodybuilder that has abs, striations, and cuts that a lot of people would kill for on the beach. He also has cerebral palsy. That’s right. Steve Alexy is a Cerebral Palsy Bodybuilder.

Cerebral palsy might just be a word to some of you that’s tagged with “disabled” and not given a 2nd thought.

But to understand the full grasp just how badass it is with someone winning bodybuilding contests while having cerebral palsy you’ve got to understand how bad cerebral palsy is

Having Cerebral Palsy

“Cerebral palsy affects people in different ways and can affect body movement, muscle control, muscle coordination, muscle tone, reflex, posture and balance…

…People who have cerebral palsy may also have visual, learning, hearing, speech, epilepsy and intellectual impairments” (1)

In other words, your every day movement such as something as simple as holding a fork or writing is a monumental task. Grasping a dumbbell and doing dumbbell presses with heavy weights is borderline suicide.

Not to mention the difficulty of even learning how any exercise is done to begin with.

While we find things like a bicep curl super simple, think of it as them learning to do that as hard as staying awake and absorbing all the information on 4 hour university lecture on the intricacies of learning about all the motor neurons from the dendrites and the axons in your brain.

And It Gets Worse

Some of the two greatest things in life, and most important in bodybuilding is sleeping and eating. Well with cerebral palsy…

You can’t even sleep right. 

“Pain is associated with tight or shortened muscles, abnormal posture, stiff joints, unsuitable orthosis” (2)

You’re in almost constant pain all day, and all night.

You can’t even eat right.

Since people with cerebral palsy “may have difficulty preparing food, holding utensils, or chewing and swallowing due to sensory and motor impairments”. (3)

Think of it like this: You’re even risking your life by eating because you can’t chew or swallow right. 

With all that said. You can’t learn simple actions right away, you can’t even move correctly. You can’t sleep, and you can’t eat properly either.

To be a cerebral palsy bodybuilder sounds like lunacy.

The Early Days: Just Put Him Down The Doctors Said

When Steve Alexy was three, the doctor took one look at the kiddo, and said to his parents “Just put him away, he will never be able to do anything”. (4)

No one except his parents had hope for the young kiddo. He would never go to the prom and bang the cheerleader like most of us do in high school.

He wouldn’t have aspirations of being the popular school kid, at the same time winning schoolorships to a prostegious school, and be the team captain in wrestling, rugby and whatever other badass sport there was growing up.

I don’t even know if he even had a girlfriend growing up.

But after all that, Steve Alexy wanted to show the world the enormity of his balls. He wanted to show the world he was a 12 on a 10 point scale of badness.

Steve Alexy Cerebral Palsy Bodybuilder Training

Steve Alexy decided he was going to be bodybuilder and he was going to win.

He found defeat distasteful and so with a burning intensity he sought out a lunatic trainer in which his only sanity was his name: Chris.

It was said, when Steve Alexy and Chris first met, Chris’ introduction was to have one look at Steve Alexy and told him these words:

If we break you, we’re right next to the hospital, so don’t worry.” (5)

Cerebral Palsy Bodybuilder Steve Alexy And Chris Lovelette

Chris is basically Ivan Drago and Steve Alexy Is Rocky. Chris practically told Steve “I Must Break You”.

This didn’t deter Steve Alexy. He nodded in approval and told Chris he was a wuss and his mother and father were hampsters, and to do his worst.

For four grueling years of working out “using more machines than free-weights” Steve Alexy in 2013 then decided he was sick of being more ripped than the gym regulars sucking at life taking gym selfies and complaining about being there and wanted to start competing against the hardcore. (6)

He wanted to compete in bodybuilding. Chris said he’d get him there. Be prepared for hell.

Steve Alexy Cerebral Palsy Bdoybuilder Squatting

Say you can’t squat and are making excuses? Steve thinks you’re a little bitch.

Preparing For Bodybuilding Contests

Going on stage is a nightmare that takes weeks to prepare for. For starters you’re dehydrated to get all the cuts, lines and veins. You’re carbohydrate depleted to take water retention out.

You’ve got to train every single day to burn all the calories, and speaking of that, your caloric intake gets smaller, and smaller as the weeks go to the point where all you can think about is food.

You’ve got no energy. You’re fueled by your one desire: to be better than the rest. Your body goes through hell. Your mind starts playing tricks on you.

When you step on stage flexing your muscles, you cramp, it’s painful, and you’re at your weakest even if you look your best.

What drove Steve Alexy? He lived by this motto: “I may have a disability but I am not disabled” (7)

Winning His Bodybuilding Contests

So how did Steve Alexy actually do? Steve didn’t compete in just one contest, but he competed in THREE, and WON.


Cerebral Palsy Bodybuilder Steve Alexy Bodybuilding Trophies

Steve Alexy’s bodybuilding trophies. When was the last time you competed in something, won and earned trophies that weren’t just for participation? Follow the legend on instagram: Steve_Alexy_BB

Here’s his posing routine. To appreciate the effort that went into his training and eating, just look how hard it was for him to get into the poses. Can you imagine the effort he had to put forth in the gym?

The next time you hear someone making excuses, or you yourself start making them for why you can’t do something or achieve something, have a long hard look in the mirror.

Because there’s a good chance you’ve embarrassed your parents, yourself, and for thinking that you should self-dislocate your jaw, shave your head and eyebrows and until they grow back, know that you’ve failed at life.

Steve Alexy is a winner, made no excuses, never complained once about working out or achieving something he put his mind to.

If Steve Alexy who is crowned as a cerebral palsy bodybuilder can win a string of bodybuilding contests, there’s nothing stopping you except yourself from achieving goals and winning at life.

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    Reply Reply September 23, 2016

    I just wanted to say to whom ever put this together, I love it! I lot of stuff has been written about me over the past 2 weeks but this is one of the best. I just found it. Please feel free to contact me because I’d very much would like to e-mail and thank whom did it! Thank you so much!

    Steve Alexy

    • CepsWeston

      Reply Reply September 23, 2016

      Hey Steve Alexy!

      It’s my pleasure to write about you! You’ve inspired all the people at my gym to train that much harder, and make less excuses, and re-ignited my desire for greatness in the iron game! I’ll be happy to flick you an email brother in muscle and steel!

      Look out for an email from cepsdomingo@strengthmusclesteel.com

      Keep kicking ass and showing the world how much of a badass you are!

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