GNC Mega Men Review: 6 Benefits and 6 Cons


GNC Mega Men Review

This could easily be a GNC store review as well as GNC Mega Men Review, and to save you time reading, let me tell you, I’ve found this is the only thing noteworthy at a GNC store.

My Personal GNC Mega Men Review Rating: 4/5 stars star2star2star2star2

Not only is it cheap (180 capsules for $22!) it’s some potent stuff! You can check it out by clicking here: Gnc Mega Men Multi Vitamin, 180 Count


Here’s 6 the of believed benefits:

  • DIGESTIVE ENZYMES: GNC MegaMen has things such as Inositol and Lutein which is especially important for those of us that eat a lot.


  • IMPROVES SEXUAL DESIRE AND MAY BOOST TESTOSTERONE: Each pill you intake has things such as Korean Ginseng, Avena Sativa, and Tumera diffusa, which are believed to be natural Viagra. Personally, I'm a beast in the bedroom already so I haven't seen a noticeable difference, but people I train that taken this (40+ year olds) have told me they've noticed a difference.


  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY PROPERTIES: Those among you that have inflammation issues, this can be a godsend. Filled with things like Vitis vinifera (grape seed) extract, allium sativum (which is garlic powder essentially), is believed to decrease inflammation


  • MIGHT HELP WITH RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS AND ECZEMA: One other great thing I love that GNC Mega Men has is urtica dioica (Also known as stinging needle), which when taken has proven to have a few benefits such as being an AWESOME inflammatory and may help with rheumatoid arthritis (1), has allergy relief (2, 3, 4), helps with all kinds of cutaneous (skin) problems and can alleviate some of the eczema symptoms in turn (5). Heck, most products containing this ingredient (in this case Ankaferd blood stopper), have been shown to even help with bleeding when in contact with the skin and shown to help control bleeding (within 10-20 minutes) after dental surgery (6). Knowing you're getting all this benefits from this one ingredient alone is worth it's weight in gold!


  • HAS VITAMINS YOU'RE LIKELY MISSING AND NEED MORE OF: Vitamin D? You've got 200 IU of it in this. Especially good if you're in a cold country with no sun. Vitamin A, B Vitamins, C, E, Zinc, Chromium, magnesium, iodine, calcium, biotin and the list goes on! 
  • It's non-dairy and is preservative free. No artificial colours: Safe to say they didn't just cheaply make these tablets and throw caution to your health in the wind.

GNC Mega Men Cons

With the research I’ve come up with, here’s 6 of the potential cons that I believe GNC Mega Men lose out on:

  • Korean ginseng hardly show a boost in testosterone: Studies show no difference between placebo group and ginseng group when it comes to hormornal status (7, 8, 9). Although, a study does suggest that people that did take ginseng reported better erectile penetration, rigidity, and maintenance (9), and another suggests people with chronic renal failure, it helps regulate testosterone significantly (10)


  • Not suitable for someone pregnant or planning on getting pregnant: Due to a large intake of vitamin A, as the bottle warns, anything taken with 3000 MG of Vitamin A can possibly cause birth defects. One serve however is 1375 mg. While still on the safe side with the dose compared to the warning, it's still better safe than sorry.


  • Could have more digestive enzymes: While I'm happy there's some included, it's missing other really good digestive enzymes such as Bromelain, inulin, and lipase. Bromelain, as an example, is excellent for helping the body digest and absorb protein (found in pineapples, so get a pineapple pizza next time!)


  • Pills might be hard for some people to swallow: While I've never found a problem, some say it's hard to intake due to it's size. They aren't exactly your small vitamin C edible pill.


  • Allium sativum (garlic powder) isn't proven to be a kickass ingredient: There may be a lot of claims to this ingredient but a review of studies show when it comes to things like reducing blood pressure and treating other conditions, data show's improvement isn't significant (11). Other studies show it can be promising in treating and improving cardiovascular functions, however but more studies are needed to confirm (12, 13) and "Many available publications indicates possible antibacterial, anti-hypertensive and anti-thrombotic properties of garlic" (14). Finally, aged garlic, shows promise to reduce inflammation (15). 


  • Could have more dosage with certain vitamins: Could be me just being picky, and even if I did say it is potent, it's not the MOST heavily dosed vitamins there is. For it's price however, it's good enough, and if someone wanted a higher intake of vitamins, it's as easy as taking another pill, although of course one should ultimately eat more fruit and vegetables so don't be lazy about it!

My Personal Experience And Anecdotal GNC Mega Men Review

Walking into a GNC store you notice three things; the buff guy at the counter with invisible lat syndrome that looks like a guy off Jersey Shore, or, if you’re lucky, the super hot gym bunny, but admittedly so dumb you lose brain cells talking to her, then finally you’re daunted with all the numerous supplements and don’t even know what to chose from…so you go try heed the advice of the Jersey shore guy, or the hot blonde…Most likely the hot blonde.

GNC Mega Men Review hot blonde at counter

What? It was either take advice from this blonde or a hairy guy with a uni-brow that looks like he’d sodomize the next gym newbie.

Luckily, the hot blonde that gave me advice, actually was smart enough to point me to this supplement, and I got two for the price of one because it was Saturday, and I’m cool. Anyway…

My Personal Experience With The Immune System Boosting Properties

Naturally I’ve got a kick-ass immune system, so I can’t attest to how I felt with it improving my immune recovery, I’ll admit, however I did notice that I didn’t feel “as run down” when getting into the last stages of my summer cut and I believe that alone helped with my performance with maintaining my strength.

I also didn’t get hayfever the year I took it, which for me was bad with extreme temperature change where I’m from when not taking it. Luck? Adaptation to my environment? Could be. But I honestly think it was too coincidental to say that.

Experience With Inflammation, And Sexual Performance

Finally, not my own experience, but feedback from some of the people I do train have told me it’s increased their energy, libido in the bedroom, and for one person it did certainly help a little with their ankle joint inflammation at times it would normally flare up when they did certain karate training sessions that involved jumping around like a crazed ninja batman on meth.

GNC Mega Men Review Best Way To Take It

Who Should Not Take GNC Mega Men?

  • If you are pregnant, or plan on getting pregnant, this is not for you
  • If you have any known ailments in which a in-taking a vitamin can cause harm, this is not for you
  • If you're a young buck and think this is going to increase testosterone further, this is not for you
  • If you're lazy, overweight, and have no will power and discipline to train and eat right, this is not for you (and the first thing you need to do before even attempting to take any type of supplement is get off the couch, go train, and eat healthy. This alone is good enough for now!)
  • If you have the belief this is going to give you magical results with muscle and fat loss, this is not for you.

Who Should Take GNC Mega Men?

  • If you're hardcore athlete and train very frequently, this is for you (especially in season training)
  • If you lift heavy weights frequently, this is for you
  • If you don't get enough vegetables and fruit and tend to eat junk all the time, this is for you.
  • If you're on a calorie restricted diet for whatever reason such as ripping up for summer, this is for you.
  • If you just want to ensure you're not deficient in anything, and want to not be sick in the silly season, and possibly help with inflammation, then this is for you.

GNC Mega Men Review Conclusion

Hope this GNC Mega Men Review has been helpful enough to give you an informed decision whether you should purchase it or not. I personally think it’s the balls for it’s price.

The ultimate question is do you really need a multivitamin or not, and that’s information beyond the scope of this post (and will be for a future post) and if so, you’ll need a great one, and for most, one that doesn’t break the bank.

I will say personally, it’s definitely beneficial for hard training athletes to take one, and seeing as this site is dedicated to hardcore training individuals that live for the steel all over, I would say it’s essential.

With that being said, head on over to Amazon, and get your GNC Mega Men now!



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